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    The team of Composyt

    Composyt Light Labs acquired by the Intel Corporation

    Do. 29.01.2015, 16:00

    At the end of 2014, the EPFL spin-off closed an exit deal with Intel. Composyt, a 2014 venture kick finalist, has proven to have key technology for wearable displays....Read more

    Thanks to the support of venture kick, Composyt’s co-founders, Eric Tremblay and Mickaël Guillaumée, as well as fellow Composyt co-founders, Christophe Moser and David Ziegler, were able to travel to the US to meet potential investors, including Intel. The start-up, now part of Intel, will remain based in the Lausanne area: A truly inspiring story for future entrepreneurs and a great momentum for the overall innovation community of western Switzerland.

    In 2014, Composyt was also part of the venture leaders USA program. Eric Tremblay was able to benefit from a great business development program in Boston and New York during 10 days, in Boston and New York.

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    Jilion was formed by Zeno Crivelli and Mehdi Aminian in 2009 at EPFL

    Jilion: A successful exit and a kick in return for the next generation of entrepreneurs

    Do. 29.01.2015, 14:00

    Early 2014, our venture kick Alumnus Jilion (the creator of SublimeVideo, the world’s first cloud-based HTML5 video player), was acquired by Dailymotion. The team, formed at EPFL in 2009 by Zeno Crivelli and Mehdi Aminian, subsequently decided to support venture kick in return and provide capital for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Just one year after the exit, we interviewed Mehdi about his amazing adventure. ...Read more

    Mehdi, how and when was the SublimeVideo technology born and subsequently, Jilion?
    We launched SublimeVideo, our cloud-based universal video player service (HTML5 + Flash), in August 2010. Everything actually started by accident: Our initial project was to develop a music social network. While working on this project, we launched a simple demo of the world’s first HTML5 Video Player (with custom controls), somehow for fun and to please our web and “geek” friends. Because of the huge buzz that followed in the web developer community, on some important blogs and on Twitter (we passed from 0 to 3.500 followers in one week!) we decided to freeze our initial project and build a working HTML5 Video solution for the web.

    What need(s) did you fill with SublimeVideo?
    A pretty big one: Video has become colossal on the web. However, simultaneously, the end user experience has significantly degraded: This is due to the fact that today, people have to deal with two incompatible technologies to play video within a web browser: A proprietary one, Flash, which is rather well supported on personal computers, and the official standard, HTML5 Video, which is the only way to play web video on the exploding mobile platforms. The result is that very often, videos are not playing at all, depending on the platform used. SublimeVideo was designed in a very Swiss fashion, as a universal platform supporting both Flash and HTML5 without any compromise on reliability and features.

    Who have been your first customers, and competitors?
    One key thing to note in the Jilion and the SublimeVideo story is that we have been identified as pioneers in the HTML5 Video field by the web developer community. This authentic blessing has been instrumental for everything we did afterwards and it brought us a lot of recognizance. Soon after we launched SublimeVideo, we rapidly had thousands of web sites using our service and ten of thousands at the time the company was sold to Dailymotion, including Sony, Breitling, Nissan, etc. From a technology standpoint, we did not have any real direct competitor. Our two main competitors were a well-established Flash player company and an open source package firm.

    Let’s talk about the initial days of Jilion. How did you and Zeno meet?
    We met at EPFL where we were both working. We discovered that we had really similar interests in web technology. We really took the time to know each other before starting to work together.

    When and how did Dailymotion approach you?
    They approached us in January 2013, right after our second technological milestone which really fitted their needs. In fact, during the “viral” buzz phase of SublimeVideo, we had already been approached by two well known US companies, both looking to make what they call a "talent acquisition". At the time, we decided not to pursue those discussions because we really wanted to implement our own vision, as we did. This was not an easy decision: But our guts simply refused to sell! We were happy to join Dailymotion as they wanted both the technology and the team.

    What is the added value of your technology for Dailymotion?
    In a nutshell, it allows them to bring a very reliable and customizable player to their content partners.

    What changed for you and Zeno after the exit? Are you still on board?
    Zeno is working hard at Dailymotion in the South of France, leading the player development team. On my side, I am “recovering” a bit: My entrepreneurial job having ended!

    Did you invest in other startups?
    Not yet but it might be the case in the future.

    You very recently decided to kick the next generation of entrepreneurs in return by giving capital to venture kick. Can you explain why?
    We were among the very first startups to receive support from venture kick. We really appreciate and admire the energy and passion of Jordi Montserrat and Beat Schillig, and what they are doing with their team for our country's startup ecosystem. We are also very grateful that wealthy foundations and donators were able to support us at a key stage, when you are “nothing”. This was very important. Another great thing about venture kick is that it is a Swiss-wide platform, which creates a sense of community and emulation among entrepreneurs.

    What would you like to say to the next generation of entrepreneurs, if you had an advice to give them?
    It's the best time to do a startup. Follow your passion and never betray what you believe in.

    What is your view about the Swiss startup ecosystem, now that your exit is behind?
    We are a small country with a rational and quite efficient environment where innovation is very much favored. That said, in order to scale from great innovation to big successes, we absolutely need to collectively improve on two important factors (which by the way are not a problem in the US for instance): First, a more "let's celebrate success" culture, more "good vibes" toward entrepreneurs. Second, in my opinion, startups need more capital and investors at later stages of their development.

    Can you give us one best souvenir & anecdote about it?
    We'd love to but we signed a non-disclosure agreement, and it does prevent us to tell a lot (laughs)! What we can say is that we learned a lot. The merger & acquisition (M&A) process is a key part of the startup life and must be more familiar to all entrepreneurs. One very important message to all startups founders is: Lead the M&A process yourself. Work with the best advisors possible. Never delegate it.

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  • cover-AR2014-317x448.jpg
    venture kick report 2014: A new design, great numbers and exciting startup stories

    One of the youngest VENTURE KICK winner, Selfnation, expand to Germany beginning of 2015.

    The EPF Lausanne spin-off Lunaphore is one of the best 5 startups of Western Switzerland

    3.038 new jobs: Startup funding pays off

    Mi. 28.01.2015, 00:00

    In 2007, venture kick was launched with the aim of turning promising research projects into successful companies. And the success stories speak for themselves: InSphero counts the 15 largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world as customers, Climeworks completed an exclusive partnership with Audi in 2014 and Composyt Light Labs was recently acquired by Intel....Read more

    Since 2007, 350 project teams have benefited from the overall support of CHF 13.76 Million. The program has contributed to the creation of 3.038 new jobs for highly qualified people and to a financing volume of CHF 602 Million. 58 of the actual «TOP 100 Swiss Startups» started with VENTURE KICK. Eight are even in the top 10: InSphero, L.E.S.S., Abionic, HouseTrip, QualySense, Bcomp, Climeworks and Dacuda.

    Since the launch of venture kick, applications have tripled. In order to meet the growing demand of highly-innovative projects, venture kick is constantly looking for philanthropists and foundations willing to support startup projects at Swiss universities. With André Hoffmann and Hansjörg Wyss, the private consortium of venture kick found two experienced and successful entrepreneurs as new supporters in 2014. Thanks to their financial support, more scientific and innovative projects will be brought to the market in the coming years.

    2014: many venture kick startups hit the news
    The next generation of Smart Glasses sparked the interest of Intel. They bought the spin-off from the EPF Lausanne, Composyt Light Labs, late 2014. Composyt was also part of the venture leaders USA team in 2014 and benefited from a 10 days intense commercial development journey in the US with the Swiss national startup team.   

    The fast-growing ETH spin-off InSphero, which counts the 15 largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world as customers, not only won the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award. It also gained the prestigious European Founders Award ACES. Deserved, as their three-dimensional micro-tissues have the potential to revolutionize the development of new drugs, in particular to fight cancer. 

    Zurich based startup Climeworks has developed a technology that filters carbon dioxide out of ambient air. The car maker Audi recognized the potential of the ETH spin-off's technology and announced an exclusive cooperation with Climeworks in 2014.

    And L.E.S.S. managed its entry into a billion-dollar market thanks to its energy-saving light sources. In 2014, the startup signed a partnership with the Japanese electronics giant Hitachi. And the opportunities for growth are not lacking: In 2014, the EPFL spin-off traveled to Beijing and Shanghai with the first edition of the venture leaders China program.
    More highlights and detailed statistics about venture kick and the supported startups can be found in the latest annual report 2014.

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  • simplicity-crm.jpg
    Matthew Hall and Pedro Faustino of SimplicityBio

    Radhakrishna Achanta and Damien Firmenich of Di55erent

    And the winners of venture kick stage two are…

    Do. 22.01.2015, 17:00

    Two promising high-tech startups deserved the support of the venture kick jury and recently got awarded with CHF 20’000 each. One is a bioinformatics startup specialized in the identification of specific and sensitive biomarkers. The other develops smart encryption solutions to render documents inaccessible to anyone who does not possess the secret code chosen by the user, a little bit like a “digital safe” for sending confidential documents. ...Read more

    SimplicityBio is a bioinformatics startup specialized in the identification of specific and sensitive biomarkers by analyzing OMICS data. By using artificial intelligence algorithms and its proprietary software platform, SimplicityBio is able to combine these biomarkers into a robust signature with biological relevance. These signatures are used for instance to develop diagnostic tests for complex diseases such as cancer.

    Di55erent, an EPFL spin-off, provides a user-friendly solution for end-to-end encryption and online collaboration. Its technology is based on a novel data structure, which allows for distributed storage, end-to-end encryption, and blazingly fast synchronization. Thanks to Di55erent’s technology, all files can be stored “on the cloud” with the best privacy protection, without compromising on ease of use or online collaboration.

    We took the opportunity to ask a few questions to Radhakrishna Achanta, co-founder of Di55erent, about the good news after the jury session:

    Hello Radhakrishna, Di55erent recently won a seed loan from the FIT (CHF 100’000) and it was selected for the IMD Startup Competition this year. And now venture kick stage 2. What are the benefits of venture kick for your startup?
    The most important benefit is momentum. This seems to be the defining theme of venture kick, to impart momentum to startups. Another benefit is that the program pushes us to get out of our comfort zone and really test our assumptions.

    How did you convince the jury on stage 2 and how, in your opinion, will you convince it on stage 3?
    During stage 2, we showed the need for security solutions and why our solution is potentially good. We presented the progress made in the last 2-3 months, including the increase in the downloads of the free version of our software, called swi5t. Our financial projections reflected what we learned from the market in the last few months. We think this is what convinced the jury.

    At stage 3 it will be important to show how we market the product and acquire paying users. We should also be able to show how we will build a fast-growing business around our products. We will try to convince the jury based on what we learned from the market and how we used it to generate revenue in a scalable manner.

    What stage of development is Di55erent today?
    We are in the process of developing the commercial version of our software, which encrypts data before placing it on clouds.

    Read the article that EPFL made about Di55erent and their technology after it won venture kick stage 1 here.  

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  • biowatch-crm.jpg
    The team of Biowatch

    The team of MedicalTemplates

    The team of Sensiwall

    The team of HYLOMORPH

    The team of EveryCook

    venture pitch: discover our latest winners

    Do. 22.01.2015, 17:00

    Biowatch, MedicalTemplates, Sensiwall, HYLOMORPH and EveryCook are the latest winners of venture kick’s first stage. They got kicked with CHF 10’000 of pre-seed capital. They are now getting ready to expand their project and compete for CHF 20'000 on the next stage....Read more

    Biowatch is in the business of wearable biometrics. Its mission is to provide an alternative solution to current authentication methods such as PINs, passwords, cards and keys. Biowatch's technology integrates nicely inside fashion wristbands, smart watches and luxurious watch straps. Watch their video presentation here.

    MedicalTemplates: CT guided needle puncture of the human body for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purpose is a frequently performed procedure. The startup developed a simple and cost-effective solution for needle guidance (navigation) that reduces puncture time and radiation exposure compared to alternative methods. The product consists of a single-use device and accompanying software. The device is integrated into the initial imaging and guides the path of the needle, according to the calculation of the dedicated software. This enables exact needle angulation.

    Sensiwall: Training and developing coordination, improving shooting and passing skills, increase the fun side of soccer, monitor players’ evolution; All of this is possible thanks to Sensiwall’ smart training walls. The startup offers a complete, customizable product that any team can use, no matter their age or level.

    HYLOMORPH provides anti-fibrotic solutions for soft tissue repair. These empower surgeons to prevent fibrotic tissue abnormalities, which are among the leading cause for re-operation in patients.

    Finally, the Winterthur based startup EveryCook develops a smart kitchen appliance “that cooks for you”. Discover them in video.

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    Hansjörg Wyss supports VENTURE KICK

    Hansjörg Wyss supports VENTURE KICK

    Di. 20.01.2015, 11:00

    The Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss will support VENTURE KICK for the next five years, significantly contributing to the development of high potential business ideas emerging from Switzerland’s best institutions of higher learning. ...Read more

    Hansjörg Wyss is founder and honorary chairman of the global medical device manufacturer Synthes, which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2012. He also is a leading philanthropist committed to science and research, in particular in the fields of biology and medicine. Over the past decade, he has been supporting a number of important universities and research institutes around the world, among them Harvard University, ETH Zurich, University of Zurich and Geneva Biotech Campus. Recently, Mr. Wyss made a donation to ETH Zurich and University of Zurich for the new Wyss Translational Center Zurich.

    Contributing to Switzerland’s high competitiveness
    Mr. Wyss is delighted to join the private consortium of VENTURE KICK and strongly supports its mission: “Turning scientific innovation into entrepreneurial activity and job creation is the basis of our societal and economic prosperity. As an entrepreneur, I know how difficult it is for very early stage startups to turn into promising business cases. Supporting these entrepreneurs is a guarantee for the future of our country and its internationally renowned competitiveness. Together with the other donators, I am committed to kick Swiss innovation into global markets”.

    Closing a gap in the Swiss innovation chain
    Pascale Vonmont, Delegate of VENTURE KICK' strategic committee and Deputy Director of Gebert Rüf Stiftung, is welcoming Hansjörg Wyss with open arms: “The unique accelerator program VENTURE KICK has a proven track record and the support of Hansjörg Wyss can leverage Switzerland’s innovative potential even more effectively.”

    A clear recognition and a strong message for entrepreneurs
    “Ambitious startups get an encouraging signal to follow their vision and embrace the entrepreneurial path”, says Jordi Montserrat, Managing Director of VENTURE KICK in the French speaking part of Switzerland. “To experience a world class entrepreneur such as Mr. Wyss teaming up with the VENTURE KICK initiative and consortium is a major recognition for its efforts. We are encouraged pursuing our mission to bring more promising startups on the path to success”, concludes Beat Schillig, Managing Director of VENTURE KICK in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

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  • samantree-logo.JPG

    SamanTree Medical SA raises 4.5M CHF in Series A financing

    Di. 13.01.2015, 08:00

    SamanTree Medical, a digital microscopy company developing advanced fresh-tissue microscopy scanners, announced on January 12th, 2015, that it had raised CHF 4.5 million from private investors in a Series A Financing round. A few years ago, the founders of the startup flew to Boston with the venture leaders USA program and benefited a lot from this experience. They are also venture kick alumni. ...Read more

    The funding will enable us to accelerate the development and commercialization of SamanTree’s advanced intra-operative digital pathology scanner, for rapid and convenient assessment of cancer tissue during oncologic surgeries, resulting potentially in a higher rate of complete cancer cure, and reduction of reoperations“, said Dr. Davor Kosanic, CEO of SamanTree Medical.

    A state-of-art microscopy technology developed at EPFL
    The financial resources will be used to advance SamanTree Medical’s leading-edge fresh tissue scanner development through clinical pathway, regulatory approvals and industrialization. SamanTree Medical´s microscopy technology is based on several years of research and development at the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The fresh-tissue scanner technology allows surgeons to establish a direct communication channel to pathologists and obtain an ultra-rapid histopathological assessment of cancer tissue during the surgery, with the aim to improve surgical workflow, treatment decisions and resection accuracy, while potentially reducing the re-operation rates and assuring patients of total cancer removal.

    The investors and innovators additionally appointed Ms Malgosia Iwankowska and Mr. Jan Dekker as members of the Board of Directors. “I am very pleased and proud of having such high profile executives directly involved with SamanTree Medical. They bring a wealth of experience with strategic planning and operations in the medical devices industry both in Europe and in the U.S. This is an invaluable asset for the continuing development of the company” says Dr. Bastien Rachet, CTO of SamanTree Medical.

    A key experience in Boston with the venture leaders USA
    Davor Kosanic was a venture leader USA in 2012 and his experience represents an important milestone in the history of SamanTree: “Although we were pretty early stage and it was too early for us to enter the US market at the time, we benefited from high-level courses on entrepreneurship such as the Babson College course with Ed Marram. The networking aspect was also very important: We were able to make a lot of US investors’ contacts, which we used back in Switzerland. Most importantly, this 10 days business development program in Boston gave us the opportunity to share our experience and questions about the entrepreneur’s life with other Swiss start-up founders.” A nice story: Bastien Rachet, CTO of SamanTree Medical, was also a venture leader USA in 2010: “We have been able to share a lot about our experience”, explains Davor Kosanic.

    Great learnings thanks to venture kick
    SamanTree is also a venture kick alumnus. Its co-founders benefited from hands-on execution bootcamps, the kickers camps, from the early days. “I learned a lot. I realize now, you can only grow outside the comfort zone”, says Davor Kosanic. “venture kick really helped us to put our idea on the market. We are very happy to see that our investors trust us; we will now be able to move on to the next steps of our development”.

    More about SamanTree Medical
    SamanTree Medical SA is a digital microscopy company and spin-off of the EPFL (CH). SamanTree develops fresh-tissue microscopy scanners, with the mission to enable point-of-care digital pathology for complete tumor resection guidance. Early-stage cancer diagnosis and subsequent complete surgical resection of the tumor compose the therapy with highest chances for cancer free. SamanTree’s mission is to enable intra-operative digital pathology, to improve surgical workflow, treatment decisions and resection accuracy, while potentially reducing the re-operation rates and cutting the overall cost of procedures. The digitization of the intra-operative pathological examination has the potential to establish PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) as standard for pathology.

    Meet the team of SamanTree Medical:

    About Dr. Davor Kosanic:
    Davor Kosanic has been leading the SamanTree since 2010. Raising approx. CHF 1 million in non-diluting research grants and approx. CHF 0.5 of seed financing, he has previously secured the necessary financing for the initial developments of the SamanTree product. A series of entrepreneurship and business courses by IMD, CTI, USI, Babson College, Venturelab and EPFL have enabled Davor with the basic skills to lead SamanTree Medical and develop the early business aspects. Davor holds a PhD in Life Sciences (2009, EPFL -Lausanne, Switzerland) and a Master’s degree in Physics (2005, University of Duisburg -Duisburg, Germany).

    About Dr. Bastien Rachet: Since early 2010 Bastien Rachet is actively working on the development of SamanTree’s core technology towards market applications, which inspired the common vision with Davor Kosanic for SamanTree Medical. Working since 2003 in the R&D environment, Bastien has specialized in applied optics for fluorescence microscopy. He holds a Master degree in Optical Engineering and Photonics (2003, Ecole Supérieure d’Optique - Paris, France) and a PhD in Biophotonics (2007, CEA/Minatec - Grenoble).

    About Malgosia Iwankowska: Malgosia Iwankowska has been active in the field of medical devices for over 25 years, and brings extensive experience in sales, marketing, training and clinical trials in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Malgosia held various senior management positions in these fields with companies like Medtronic, Edwards Lifesciences and Johnson&Johnson, as well as with fast growing start-up companies like Computer Motion, Sensimed and KB Medical. She is also a Co-founder & Partner at TerionSuisse.

    About Jan Dekker: Jan Dekker looks back on a career in the International Tax Practice for over 35 years and was until 2009 a Senior International Tax Partner in KPMG Meijburg in the Netherlands. Jan acts as informal investor and BOD member in a number of companies in various fields of activities and he will enforce the Board of Directors of SamanTree Medical with his experience.

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  • Finanzierung_Florian_Kapitz1.png
    Florian Kapitza, CEO of Aiducation, venture kick winner and venturelab alumnus

    Interview with Aiducation CEO Florian Kapitza: “At first I underestimated the meaning of partnerships”

    Fr. 09.01.2015, 18:00

    IFJ celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014, but it wasn’t the only one. In fact, UNICEF’s “Convention on the Rights of the Child” came into effect 25 years ago. The Swiss organization Aiducation, which was created in venturelab courses and later won 130'000 CHF with venture kick in 2009, provides a considerable amount of educational promotion in developing countries. In this interview, Florian Kapitza, CEO of Aiducation, reveals us their latest projects and plans for 2015....Read more

    Florian, you describe Aiducation as a „for-impact company“. What does that mean and why not simply call it an „NGO“, or a „non-profit organization“?
    In our opinion the term „for-impact company” expresses more accurately what we do: we are an enterprise which maximizes the impact it has, not its profit. Otherwise we are and act just like any other company: we have sales channels, marketing channels, a marketing strategy, a turnover, a financial plan, milestones, products and projects. But really, why would we define ourselves in terms that do not describe what we do? In entrepreneurship it's a matter of undertaking things!

    You are on the way of becoming an international educational organization. Next to Kenya, Germany, Great Britain and of course Switzerland you are now expanding into the United States and have been providing a support program for students in the Philippines since 2014. How does your idea work with people abroad?
    The idea appeals to donors from abroad as well, because we can demonstrate the impact of their own personal contribution very clearly. Indeed, each of our donors receives a personalized, direct, annual impact report, which shows the stipendiary's progress. Moreover, 90% of our scholarship donations are invested directly for educational use. Besides, our concept is thorough: we support talented, poor students, who will become multipliers in the next years or decades and who will eventually contribute to the progress of their own country in political, social and economic ways. Together with our scholarship recipients, ex-recipients and partners we are building up a network of funding agencies, so that the scholarship recipients’ talents and abilities are more easily shared for common projects.

    What are your plans for 2015?
    We would like to expand and be able to remit at best 200 scholarships next year. This is very ambitious and would be a new record, but we stand here in order to give people in developing countries access to their own potential. In our opinion, this works best by using educational scholarships. Furthermore, we launched a Start Up Fund in 2015 with which we want to promote selected “for profit”, and “impact” Start-ups from our Alumni in Kenya. They have excellent ideas on how to bring themselves forward in Kenya and this is what we would like to use. Together with the new and existing partners we would like to expand the ideal support for our scholarship recipients with prizes, Mentorship Academies and workshops.

    What was your personal Aiducation- Highlight in 2014?
    My biggest highlight was definitely the first scholarship coming from our fellows’ community: it was remitted by our ex-stipendiary Gift Pola.

    On an organizational level, the first implementation of the two Swiss Re Start Up Academies was surely a breakthrough. 50 scholarship recipients worked on the latter, following the example of venturelab business plans for the development of their own Start Ups. Many of these Start Ups are currently being founded.

    Moreover, in the 3rd week of December we will be carrying, together with the Ernst-Schmidheiny-Foundation and atDta, a pilot project called the Economy-weeks to Kenya. The concept has been successful in Switzerland for 40 years: during one week, an economic simulation takes place in which our scholarship recipients slip into the shoes of company directors, develop marketing and selling strategies, recruit (and fire) staff, and in the end take part in a general assembly to which representatives of the media are invited.

    You were able to support around 800 stipendiaries since your enterprise was founded in 2006. Moreover the scholarship offered by Gift Pola demonstrates the effectiveness of your selection procedure. What are your selection criteria for a scholarship? And how can one help as an individual?
    We select according to 3 criteria:

    1. School grades: The candidates must belong to the top 10% of their class.
    2. Need: The candidates must come from a poor background.
    3. Personality: The application must clearly show that the candidate wants to commit to his country.

    The scholarship recipients usually get financed by private individuals. This is easily done online.

    In 2009 you were able to convince the jury of venture klick. What were your benefits from the startup program?
    Without venture klick, Aiducation wouldn't be what it is today: the concept was developed thanks to the venture klick coaches' feedbacks. The high flexibility regarding the use of the money helped us place the funds where we needed them most – a dream, which was decisive for our success.

    On your website students tell us about their dream jobs... one youth who applied for the Aiducation program. What was your dream at that age?
    I wanted to be a football player and bank officer on a part time basis. Interesting but nothing compared to the inspiring life visions of our stipendiaries.

    What did you think of the IFJ's support?
    The IFJ supports Swiss start-ups with four important points: courses, tricks, contacts and the financial kick.

    You were founded in 2006 and you have now acquired a considerable experience. Is there a tip you wish you had before starting?
    I underestimated the significance of having partnerships at the beginning. In comparison to 2006, we have now several partnerships (including some we did not originally make, but should have), some of which are real win-win-win partnerships with great benefits for all parties.

    More on Aiducation
    Aiducation is a “for impact company” which awards scholarships to talented and needing youths from Kenya and the Philippines. The High School scholarships give these young people access to schools in their home countries and to an ideal support implemented by partners of Aiducation. One part of this ideal support are Start Up Academies, study prizes, and (starting in December) the Start Up prize “Wonderland Award” for Kenyan Start Up, who devote themselves to fighting discrimination.

    2014 was an exceptional year for Aiducation with the expansion towards the Philippines, the 800th scholarship since its foundation, as well as the upcoming launch of Wonderland awards. Aiducation was able to develop with the help of the concepts Swiss Re Start Up Academies and the Economy-weeks, an individual offer for companies and foundations regarding “skill-based volunteering”.

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  • Here are the supported projects of 2014

    Mo. 15.12.2014, 10:00

    We are glad to present to you the 69 projects which we supported in 2014. 69 entrepreneurs and their teams, and maybe the next leaders in their respective sector, in Switzerland and internationally. Discover these startups and stay tuned as we are already looking forward to talking about their success and discovering the next generation of startups in 2015:...Read more

    BIOTECH (15%)

    Biodegradable microspheres for non-surgical aesthetic and regenerative procedures.
    Uni Genève, Aho Anthony, PB&B SA 

    A novel test measuring calcification propensity in blood.
    Uni Bern, Meier Matthias, CALCISCO AG 

    A small hand-held device that supports on-farm quality assessment of bovine colostrum.
    HSLU Hochschule Luzern, Koller Adrian, kofatec GmbH kofatec GmbH 

    In-vitro lung model for drug testing.
    Uni Bern, Guenat Olivier, AlveoliX 

    Increasing the predictability of drug testing.
    Uni Zürich, Milleret Vincent, ECTICA TECHNOLOGIES 

    Customized in-silico solutions using multiple biomarkers simultaneously.
    HEIG-VD - Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion, Barreto-Sanz Miguel Arturo, SimplicityBio 

    3-Dimensional Cell Culture solutions for high-throughput creation of functional microtissues.
    ETH Zürich, Millan Christopher, CellSpring 

    Introducing a new drug class for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
    Uni Basel, Herrendorff Ruben, Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG 

    An integrated, easy and versatile option for performing Western Blots.
    ETH Zürich, Buser Raymond, SwissBlot 

    Speeding up mass spectometry beyond the market state-of-the art.
    EPF Lausanne, Tsybin Yury, Spectroswiss Sàrl 

    CLEANTECH (9%)

    Recycling of waste heat by converting low-temparature heat into electricity.
    EPF Lausanne, Dahan Elodie, OsmoBlue Sàrl 

    A new technology which converts wind into electricity.
    EMPA, Luchsinger Rolf, TwingTec AG 

    Home solar power simulation from the comfort of your tablet.
    ETH Zürich, Wiget Matthias, e-turnity GmbH

    Extracting water from air in an energy efficient way.
    FHNW - Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Müller Christoph, AquAero GmbH 

    Sustainalbe package delivery.
    Business School Lausanne, Blake Nick, ImagineCargo GmbH 

    Tools to make electricity consumers more responsive in their usage.
    ETH Zürich, Ratha Anubhav, Shared Electric


    Combining tradition with innovation to deliver a high-quality and natural Bündnerfleisch.
    HTW Chur, Hirt Adrian, AlpenHirt GmbH 

    Design and development of “Jane”, the Swiss made and next generation of electric guitar.
    HSLU - Hochschule Luzern, Küng Silvan, Relish Brothers Ag 

    Customized leather jackets through an online product configurator.
    ZHAW, Estrada Fidel, Lunico 


    3D imagers for robotic and automotive vision.
    EPF Lausanne, Charbon Edoardo, Fastree 3D 

    Bringing innovations to the security systems market by introducting a high security 3D metal key.
    ETH Zürich, Ojeda Gonzalez-Posada Alejandro, UrbanAlps 

    Measuring the remaining sealant in a tubeless bike tire and refilling it easy and safe.
    ETH Zürich, Kobler Pius, milKit 

    Gimball is an insect-inspired micro-drone which can collide on obstacles and continue its flight undisturbed.
    EPF Lausanne, Thévoz Patrick, Flyability SA 

    An effective and affordable home security solution empowering people to jointly build safer neighborhoods.
    Uni St.Gallen, Turber Stefanie, comfy 

    Bringing real-time performance analysis and auto calibrated true wind estimation to sailors.
    EPF Lausanne, Pilet Julien, Anemomind 

    A smart wireless sensor network to LED streetlights allowing managing illumination accordingly.
    EPF Lausanne, Wang Ban, Smart-LED 

    Lifting 3D fused deposition modeling from simple display models to printed objects with full functionality.
    ETH Zürich, Schaffner Manuel, Spectroplast 

    Ultra-fast, compact & robust spectroscopic sensors.
    ETH Zürich, Geiser Markus, IRsweep 

    Bringing dog health improvement to a next level.
    Uni St.Gallen, Roeschke Arik, ceveeo 

    INTERNET (10%)

    A unique authentication technology to protect documents and products against counterfeiting.
    EPF Lausanne, Picard Justin, ScanTrust

    Combining fashion design with an innovative technology for customized and computer-optimized cuts.
    ETH Zürich, Guggenbühl Andreas, RealLook AG (Selfnation) 

    A web tool to manage and collaborate on projects preserving data privacy.
    EPF Lausanne, Bogdanov Evgeny, Graspeo 

    A comparison website for international money transfer services.
    Uni Lausanne, Briod François, Global Impact Finance 

    Combining work of humans and algorithms to make crowdsourcing cheaper and faster.
    ETH Zürich, Davtyan Martin, MechanicalCrowd 

    User-friendly solution for end-to-end encryption and online collaboration.
    EPF Lausanne, Achanta Radhakrishna, Di55erent 

    Development of asset management solutions in the cloud.
    Uni Zürich, Gogol Krzysztof, DATANEXT 

    MEDTECH (17%)

    Intelligent operation lamps for surgeons.
    Uni Bern, Kiermeir David, Medopticon / Panopticon 

    An innovative tumor analysis and classification platform.
    EPF Lausanne, Ciftlik Ata Tuna, Lunaphore Technologies SA 

    Offering wearable ergonomic leg assistive devices.
    ETH Zürich, Gunura Keith, noonee AG 

    System to measure UV-radiation in daily life.
     ETH Zürich, Welten Samuel, Bitsplitters GmbH 

    Restoring functional motor control in spinal cord injury patients.
    EPF Lausanne, Delattre Vincent, G-Therapeutics 

    Versatile antidotes for bio-detoxification.
    ETH Zürich, Forster Vincent, Versantis 

    A multiplex point-of-care testing platform for fire smoke toxins.
    Uni Zürich, Felber Michael, Cobalytics GmbH 

    Screening diagnostic tools to develop personalized healthcare.
    EPF Lausanne, Lisowski Wiktor, BioSemic 

    Measuring the concentration of specific analytes in blood at the point of care.
    EPF Lausanne, Griss Rudolf, Lucentix 

    A serious game software able to detect and retard Alzheimer's and dementia.
    Uni Bern, Tarnanas Ioannis, Xtreme VRI AG 

    A revolutionary device for surgical knee ligament reconstruction.
    ETH Zürich, Li Xiang, ZuriMED Technologies AG 

    A fertility band that allows for natural, reliable and convenient birth control.
    BFH - Berner Fachhochschule, Schmidt Helena, Ava AG 


    through augmented reality in unobtrusive conventional eyewear.
    EPF Lausanne, Tremblay Eric, Composyst Light Labs 

    Developing advanced aerosol particle detectors.
    Uni Genève, Afonina Svetlana, Plair

    A new class of ultracompact optical sensors that redefine the utility of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) in environmental monitoring and precision farming applications.
    EPF Lausanne, Akhtman Yosef, VISNX Sàrl 

    Low-power and non-invasive wearable technologies that efficiently monitor our physical and physiological activities.
    EPF Lausanne, Megally Esmeralda, Xsensio Sàrl 

    MOBILE (4%)

    A mobile & web platform to fight deforestation of tropical forests.
    EPF Lausanne, Baldassarre Luca, MIKRO TREES

    Engaging customers through mobile games and social challenges.
    EPF Lausanne, Almaguer Sergio, POWZY 

    Online payment system that completely eliminates checkout pages on eCommerce websites.
    EPF Lausanne, Soviche Amaury, OneSnap 

    SOFTWARE (20%)

    A web-based internet platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies, like bitcoins and its derivatives.
    ZHAW, Schellinger Kevin, SWISSCEX 

    Efficiency solutions for dynamic workspaces, helping to reduce real-estate costs of large firms.
    ETH Zürich, Köppel Benedikt, Locatee GmbH

    Harness the power of the ‘global brain’ by interweaving the cognitive capabilities of humans with the number crunching capabilities of computers.
    Uni Zürich, Minder Patrick, Kunendo AG 

    Innovative software for simulation, planning, optimization, and control of future electricity grids.
    ETH Zürich, Koch Stephan, Adaptricity GmbH 

    Safety and security solutions derived from images from surveillance cameras.
    EPF Lausanne, Magalhaes Bruno, Massiveye 

    A database system that helps businesses get their facts right, by accelerating the process of discovering, querying and integrating data sources.
    EPF Lausanne, Branco Miguel, RAW 

    A web-based platform that helps organisations increase their efficiency through the understanding and the management of staff motivation.
    EIA-FR - Ecole d'ingénieurs et d'architectes, Hennebert Jean, keyMotiv 

    Real time automatic video analytics and statistics for team-sports at all levels.
    EPF Lausanne, Ben Shitrit Horesh, PlayfulVision Sàrl     

    Eye-inspired visual tracking systems for smart glasses and microaerial vehicles (drones).
    ETH Zürich, Brändli Christian, Insightness GmbH 

    An innovative key for mobile devices increasing data security.
    ETH Zürich, Voser Pascal, BluKee 

    A decision support system for sales forecasting for the food industry.
    ZHAW, Kauf Peter, PrognosiX

    Sales Forecasting Real-time 3D software technologies to turn any smartphones or tablets into easy-to-use interactive 3D scanners.
    ETH Zürich, Delaunoy Amaël, aquilaviz 

    Online platform for invoice financing, for small- and medium businesses.
    HSLU - Hochschule Luzern, Lojacono Phil, Avendo 

    Mobile authentication services using mobile devices as 3D face scanners.
    ETH Zurich, Pollefeys Marc, OneVisage

  • ceveeo.png
    The ceveeo team

    Yury Tsybin from Spectroswiss

    The team of IRsweep

    Phil Lojacono from avendo

    Four promising startups receive their first kick!

    Fr. 12.12.2014, 10:00

    Eight projects were selected and had the opportunity to present their business ideas in front of a jury of successful entrepreneurs and investors. Avendo, Spectroswiss, IRsweep and ceveeo got the first stage kick and won CHF 10’000 of pre-seed capital. In the next stage they have the chance to get CHF 20'000....Read more

    Bringing dog health improvement to a next level.
    ceveeo tracks and analyzes every step, movement, and different health indicators of dogs to give early indications for health issues and give immediate suggestions for improvements. The sophisticated sensor comes ready for use in an innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly collar and the accompanying app.

    Biological mass spectrometry innovations for better life
    Spectroswiss speeds up biological mass spectrometry via advanced signal processing of time-domain data. It targets quantitative and qualitative protein and metabolite analysis for leveraging customers' life sciences and biotechnology applications.

    Ultra fast, compact & robust spectroscopic sensors.
    IRsweep develops spectroscopic sensors for the multi-species analysis of gases and liquids in the mid infrared range and combines the key features of high speed, spectral bandwidth and resolution. Such sensor systems are in high demand for on-line and in-line process analysis, as the MIR range hosts the strongest absorption features of many molecules. 

    Avendo is an online platform that will make the financing of small and medium businesses easier and more flexible. The platform allows to sell invoices in a less frictional manner than what factoring companies offer.

    Additional Links
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  • 60 venture kickers made it to the TOP 100 startups

    Each year, launches the TOP 100 STARTUP AWARD in cooperation with the Handelszeitung. From over 100,000 young companies, the 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups are picked by top startup experts.

    Check out the TOP 100
  • Kick your startup idea to success with venture kick

    venture kick helps potential entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to win up to CHF 130,000. Moreover, startups can use the know-how of experienced experts and entrepreneurs and be granted access to a network of investors.

  • Swiss startups ready to take over the World.

    The venture leaders have a clear-cut goal. They envision themselves as global players and want to take the first step to their global expansion. The ten-day business development program is specifically structured to help them achieve this goal.

  • The first address for Startups in Switzerland

    More than 50.000 startups were accompanied by the IFJ. A little more then 25 years ago, we have made it our mission to guide these entrepreneurs on their way to successful businesses. So they can develop their role as a part of the Swiss economy.