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    L.E.S.S. started with two people (Yann Tissot, CEO, and Simon Rivier, CTO). Their first financing round will help them grow to more than 12 people and boost their sales.

    Interview with Yann Tissot, CEO of L.E.S.S.

    Mo. 27.04.2015, 10:00

    Lausanne based L.E.S.S. started in 2012 with only two people. Three years later, the company employs six employees, won the most prestigious innovation and business awards in Switzerland and is ranked 2nd in the TOP100 Swiss Startups. On April 28th 2015, L.E.S.S. announced closing a CHF 3.0 million Series A financing round and is ready to boost the revolution of lighting further. ...Read more

    Hello Yann, and congratulations for the great news! Why did you decide to embrace the entrepreneurial path?
    I think I was born entrepreneur in a sense that I always chose my different jobs with curiosity, passion and commitment. Unfortunately, I never met an inspiring boss such that launching my own venture was a logical way of living an exciting professional life.

    If I am not wrong, you raised CHF 800’000 in seed money through non-dilutive competitions and startup support over the past years. Now that you’ve raised your first round of CHF 3 million, how do you look back at your initial seed funding strategy?
    I think you have the financing strategy that you can afford at the time you are looking for money. In our case, we have an industrial project where the risk is to stay forever in the “chicken-and-egg” configuration: The customer wants a working product that requires significant product development and investors want clear indicators on sales at a very early stage to decide on financing.

    Unfortunately, we needed key infrastructures to build our first products and subsequently address our first customers. In other words, addressing our market was costly with a long-term ROI (return on investment) which is not the ideal constellation. Therefore, we did not have much choice: We needed to finance this infrastructure whatever the mean and winning all these prices was the chance we had to catch.

    Switzerland is fantastic for pure seed money and I am glad we seized these opportunities, and that we have been lucky enough to win sufficiently prizes to finance a part of this infrastructure needed and get out of the “chicken-and-egg” loop.

    Do you plan to raise more money in the future (and was this first round difficult)?
    Yes, the plan was always to raise money and this for three reasons. First, we need a costly production infrastructure at a too early stage to get any standard bank loan. Second we are active in high volume markets where you need to get over a critical production and sales volume in order to be cash positive. Finally, the sales cycles of the industry are pretty long such that they impose cash flow spikes to the company that can kill it at an early stage.

    Obviously, it was difficult to raise money because of the three reasons mentioned above. In addition, the world of hardware components, moreover in fast growing markets, is dominated by companies located in Asia. This makes it difficult to find financing in the western world.

    Among many prizes and recognition, you are Switzerland’s second startup in the TOP 100 Swiss startup ranking (the best in French speaking part of Switzerland), won Venture Kick stage 3 and were a venture leader (USA and China). Take the TOP 100: How did it help you for example?
    We did not have much money dedicated to marketing and sales and the TOP100 gave us a boost in visibility and credibility. Customers in our industry may sometimes be reluctant to enter into discussion with startups that future is not necessarily secured. Being selected nr. 2 in Switzerland by experts allowed to decide some of our customers.

    About recruitment: How many employees did you start with and how many do you have now?
    We started with two people, Simon Rivier and I, and are six employees today. I am proud that the payroll is entirely covered by our early turnover. The financing round will help us to grow to more than 12 people and boost our sales.

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    The team of esvanir

    The team of Odoma

    Meet Wicard

    Simon Zumbrunnen (left) and his partner

    Meet the winners of Venture Kick stage one

    Mi. 15.04.2015, 11:00

    esvanir, Odoma, Wicard and Simon Zumbrunnen are the latest winners of the first stage of Venture Kick. The 4 newcomers in our program got kicked with CHF 10’000 of pre-seed capital. Fingers crossed: They are now getting ready to compete for CHF 20'000 more on the next stage. ...Read more

    esvanir: A fully distributed, infrastructure-less, end-to-end secured communication solution with user privacy. The startup aims at building and marketing a fully distributed, infrastructure-less, end-to-end secured communication solution with user privacy as primary concern. Current solutions only focus on security, which does not protect users from powerful adversaries. The product does not require any investment in depreciating assets (i.e., server farm) which also significantly strengthens privacy guarantees, and reduces operating cost.

    Odoma: Turning historical archives into searchable information system. Historical archives are dormant, fragile physical systems. But they are also full of promises: A dense network of people and places, dates and objects, a rich source of untold stories and heritage knowledge. Using the right mix of technology and expertise, Odoma’s goal is to help organizations transform their past into a customized, searchable information system.

    Wicard: A free app that allows smartphone users to share their playlists of businesses with their friends. What about sharing mood instead of ratings? Wicard is a free app that allows smartphone users to share their playlists of businesses with their friends. They can memorize in one touch their entire favorite places, add personal notes and pictures.

    Simon Zumbrunnen: Micro dosing unit for bioreactors. This project is an innovative droplet dispenser which helps to make biotech experiments smaller and simpler to control, thus saving time, waste, material and money.

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    Philip Kornmann, Stijn Pieper and Phil Lojacono of Advanon

    Here are the latest winners of Venture Kick stage two

    Mi. 15.04.2015, 11:00

    Very recently, the Fintech startup Advanon won the second stage of Venture Kick and got awarded with CHF 20’000. Advanon develops an online platform that shall make financing of small & medium businesses (SMBs) easier and more flexible. We interviewed one of its three co-founders, Phil Lojacono, about the news – and the future....Read more

    Are you happy to have won the second stage of Venture Kick?
    Yes, we are very happy about it. We couldn't believe it when we won stage one and now it is even better. Venture Kick really helped us kick our project and showed us that we're on the right track. Venture Kick is an amazing initiative and we are really happy to be part of it.

    What kind of technology are you developing?
    We are developing a platform that brings companies that are in need of liquidity together with investors that are looking for new investment possibilities. With our platform, we provide a noncyclical, liquid and reasonably secure investment vehicle. We want to surpass traditional factoring companies and banks in the way that we link supply and demand directly.

    At what stage is Advanon today and what do you plan next?
    We are still at an early stage, currently developing our platform. We'll launch it in July this year.

    How did the idea of Advanon come up?
    I met my two partners, Philip Kornmann and Stijn Pieper, last year in Dublin while interning at Google. We were on a road trip together and kept discussing about ideas that we had, the existing problems that could be solved with modern-day technology and how to make it more efficient. This is how the idea of Advanon came up. We have kept pushing towards a solution since then.

    What distinguishes your technology from your competitors’?
    We are a Financial Services company that really emphasizes the importance of technology. Our main asset is a new technology that helps small & medium businesses (SMBs) refinancing themselves. We are aiming at being faster, more flexible and more user-friendly than our competitors.

    Why did you apply for Venture Kick and what are the benefits of such a program for you?
    Well first of all there is the funding. As we are all Master students our financial resources were a bit limited and Venture Kick really helped us to kickstart everything. We could invest in marketing and website development. But then there are also the amazing Kickers Camps. These two day camps help us improve ourselves constantly and show us our weaknesses immediately. We could establish a lot of very important contacts and enlarge our network thanks to Venture Kick. We are very happy to be part of this organization; it does an amazing job for startups!

    In your opinion, how did you convince the jury on stage two?
    We put a lot of hard work in Advanon in the last months and were able to establish some promising partnerships with large corporations, such as Swisscom. I think the jury recognized our progress and realized that we are on the right track. Furthermore, we benefit a lot from our advisors, who have many years of experience and are always willing to help us. We highly appreciate that.

    And how do you think you will convince the jury at the final?
    We keep pushing ourselves and go further on this path. We will start in July and we will show the first (hopefully good results) in the final presentation. Also we are looking forward to the next Kickers Camp where we will learn more on which things to improve.

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    © 2015 MindMaze

    MindMaze enters a new dimension in video gaming

    Do. 02.04.2015, 11:00

    MindMaze, an EPFL spin-off, Venture Kick Alumnus and venture leader USA in 2009, has entered the world of video games: It used its expertise around a device for the rehabilitation of stroke victims to develop its new system, called MindLeap. The technology allows video game fans to evolve in a virtual environment using thoughts and directly interact through some emotions....Read more

    MindMaze CEO, Tej Tadi, presented its new product at the beginning of the month at the Game Developers Conference of San Francisco. His invention (in video here) was a big hit.

    The startup also announced having raised 8.5 million francs recently. It hopes to market the new device end 2015. Good news also fell on 18 March: Tej Tadi was named among the Young Global Leaders. These talented young people under 40 are chosen internationally by the World Economic Forum for their professional accomplishments, their commitment to society and their potential.

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    Switzerland's best startup: InSphero

    InSphero, Geosatis and Winterthur Instruments, finalists of the Export Awards 2015

    Mi. 01.04.2015, 15:00

    The finalists of the Export Awards, organized by Switzerland Global Enterprise, are standing: Among them, our Venture Kick and venturelab Alumni InSphero, Geosatis and Winterthur Instruments. Fingers crossed!...Read more

    The three companies have been nominated in the categories "Step In" and "Success". The award will be given to the winners on April 23 at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade 2015 in Zurich.

    Geosatis, a Venture Kick finalist and a winner of the Swisscom StartUp Challenge in 2014 as well as Winterthur Instruments, Venture Kick finalist and venture leader USA 2011, have been nominated in the category "Step In".

    InSphero, Switzerland's best start-up, and Venture Kick and venturelab alumnus (CEO Jan Lichtenberg was a venture leader USA in 2010), is standing in the category "Success".

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    Rooftop farms provide a new experience by revolutionizing fresh.

    UrbanFarmers successfully closes Series A financing round of CHF 2.1m with current & new investors

    Mi. 01.04.2015, 12:00

    UrbanFarmers AG, the global pioneer in Aquaponic rooftop farming, today announced the closing of a Series A financing round of CHF 2.1m. Proceeds will be used to develop a robust project portfolio, build internal capabilities in engineering, procurement & contracting, and strengthen UF proprietary operating technology and brand assets. The Fresh.Revolution continues!...Read more

    In 2012, the Venture Kick finalist UrbanFarmers AG opened UF001 LokDepot in Basel, the worldwide first commercial Aquaponic rooftop farm. Operating a fully climate controlled rooftop greenhouse, UF serves leading restaurant and food retailers such as Migros Basel and excited Basel’s customers with its ultra-local, ultra-fresh fish and vegetables. Roman Gaus, CEO of UrbanFarmers AG comments: “Raising a Series A is a tough entrepreneurial challenge, and I am glad we have reached a critical milestone and came closer to crossing the “valley of death” of a tech start-up. With this new funding, we can now fast-track our international farm development projects, build strong internal capabilities to engineer, procure and contract rooftop farms and invest strategically into our IP and operating technology. We will also strategically invest into the UF brand to provide a strong price umbrella for our produce. Our goal to scale urban farming on a global basis with a profitable business case has come a step closer.”

    New investors include Eckenstein-Geigy-Stiftung in Binningen, Switzerland, and Walden Woods Holdings LLC from Boston, USA. Mr. Gabriel Eckenstein, principal investor behind the foundation will also join the UF Board of Directors. He explains: “We believe UrbanFarmers is the ideal impact investment combining a strong business model with our sustainability criteria. We want to provide growth capital where it helps accelerate robust business opportunities and sustainable solutions for a healthier planet and the next generation.”

    Mr. Brett Hershey, principal investor of Walden Woods Holdings LLC adds: “In the U.S., urban farming has already met strong consumer demand and clearly addresses major market challenges in the fresh produce supply chain, such as high transportation cost, product shrinkage and waste. It’s evident that UrbanFarmers is at the forefront of a global trend that will change the way we grow food in the city and excite consumers with a new ultra-fresh product experience.”

    Current investors have also joined and significantly added to the round.

    Previous investments were rolled into the Series A through a convertible bond offering issued last year.

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    Patrick Thévoz, Flyability's CEO and co-founder and Adrien Briod, CTO and co-founder with Gimball

    They pitched together at the Venture Kick final: Adrien Briod and Roberto Passini, Business Development Manager from Flyability

    Meet the Lunaphore team: Diego Gabriel Dupouy, Co-Founder & CTO, Déborah Heintze, Co-Founder & COO and Ata Tuna Ciftlik, Founder & CEO

    EPFL spin-offs Flyability and Lunaphore win the Venture Kick final

    Mi. 01.04.2015, 10:00

    The EPFL spin-offs Flyability and Lunaphore secured a total funding amount of CHF 130.000 each by winning the Venture Kick final. The world’s first collision-proof drone “Gimball” and a rapid and accurate method for cancer profiling are ready for commercial success. Both startups were identified and supported at an early stage by Venture Kick, and received important recognition over the past two years....Read more

    A spherical flying robot enters a damaged building after an explosion. The lightweight drone is not disturbed by collisions and can fly safely in places out of reach and near injured people, transmitting live video footage to rescuers. This scenario might be soon a reality thanks to Gimball, Flyability’s insect inspired flying robot, the world’s first of its kind. The EPFL and NCCR robotics spin-off opens a world of new applications in search and rescue, industrial inspection or security.

    Flyability: A flagship of Switzerland’s flying robotics
    The startup’s vision is to bring drones closer to people indoors and in places out of reach for any other flying robot. Their innovation lies in Gimball’s patented rotating protective frame and control algorithms allowing the robot to remain stable even during collisions. It also makes it safe to fly close to humans. CEO Patrick Thévoz and his team were recently awarded with one million dollars at the “Drones for Good Award” in Dubai. He comments on the benefits of the Venture Kick program in the light of recent success: "When launching a startup in Switzerland, Venture Kick is for many entrepreneurs the support needed to “survive” during precious months and prepare for the next steps. Furthermore, the pathway to each stage of Venture Kick is recognized as a serious pledge by Swiss business angels”.

    Lunaphore: Detecting cancerous tumors faster
    Lunaphore’s “fast fluidic exchange" technology enables the rapid and accurate profiling of biomarkers in cancerous tissues. It brings a significant amelioration to the current tissue coloration assays allowing the analysis and the detection of cancerous tumors. Lunaphore’ solution is faster (it only takes 5 minutes compared to 2 to 8 hours for current tests) and more accurate (up to 90% compared to existing technologies). And the market is huge: 1.9 billion dollars alone for the worldwide hospital market. CEO Ata Tuna Ciftlik explains the benefits of Venture Kick for his young company: “We won the 1st stage of Venture Kick 12 months ago and have witnessed an amazing progress since then. The program helped us increase our credibility and visibility in the Swiss start-up scene. Furthermore, the Kickers Camps helped us tackle all the odds that might have killed our project at every stage of its development”.

    Great recognition for both Venture Kick alumni
    Over the past two years, Flyability and Lunaphore won prestigious Prizes and Awards, and benefited from a large Swiss and international media coverage. For example, they won the venture leaders USA program in 2014. The same year, Lunaphore entered the TOP 100 ranking as youngest Swiss startup, and one of the best of western Switzerland. Jordi Montserrat, Managing Director of Venture Kick comments on their success: “Seeing how Flyability and Lunaphore founders could evolve using Venture Kick's network and support makes us very happy. What they have achieved is not only impressive; it also puts them in a leading position to become major global successes, which lies at the heart of our action."

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    The great news was announced via Lemoptix's website yesterday (25 March 2015).

    Lemoptix acquired by Intel Corporation

    Do. 26.03.2015, 13:00

    The transaction was completed on March 17th 2015. The four founders, Nicolas Abelé, Faouzi Khechana, Lucio Kilcher and Marco Boella and the whole Lemoptix team thank all of their partners, investors and supporters who contributed to the development of the company....Read more

    Lemoptix enables next generation mobile human/machine interaction and augmented reality with its patented MEMS laser scanning micro projection technology and solutions. Applications of Lemoptix technology range from automotive head up displays (HUD) to embedded projectors in smartphones and low power wearable displays and 3D sensing. Lemoptix has developed multidisciplinary and world-leading expertise in MEMS-mirror modelling, design and fabrication, system and module development, including optical and electronics subsystems.

    In 2006, Lemoptix was part of the venture leaders USA program in Boston, where CTO and co-founder Nicolas Abelé benefited from an intense business development program. The company is also a Venture Kick alumnus.

    Don't miss Nicolas Abelé's talk at the Startup Champions event on 22 April (2PM - 5PM) which will also mark the kick-off of the venture leaders USA 2015 program at EPFL Rolex Center. Information & registration here.

    After Composyt Light Labs early 2015, Lemoptix is the second EPFL spin-off to be acquired by Intel. Both stories are truly inspiring for the overall innovation community of western Switzerland.

    More information in today’s Bilan Magazine article  (in French).

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    Co-founder from ZUM GUTEN HEINRICH Remo Bebié

    Nickolay Todoroff from SYGENIO

    Bertrand Klaiber from GlobalDiagnostiX

    portrait_small (1).png
    Antonio Barresi from Xorlab

    Hats off to four Venture Kick winners

    Do. 26.03.2015, 10:00

    "Why would someone buy this?" is a question that can stump startups as they try to explain their value proposition. Fortunately for four startups pitching in the first round at Venture Kick session, the answers were both compelling and realistic....Read more

    ZUM GUTEN HEINRICH uses food surplus products to create tasty, healthy and carbon neutral lunch menus. The menus are distributed using a cargo bike that serves as a mobile food stand.

    SYGENIO's technology enables real-time browsing through the universe of chemical and biological information. They empower their pharma and biotech clients to focus on their strengths by significantly increasing the throughput, speed and quality of their R&D, and ultimately cutting the skyrocketing costs of drug discovery.

    GlobalDiagnostiX project's team has designed a novel medical X-ray technology for the context of resource-constraint settings, i.e. two thirds of humanity that have still no access to this basic diagnostic instrument. This first robust and low-cost digital radiography equipment can reach large yet untapped markets, achieving both profitability and social impact.

    Xorlab develops effective and innovative IT security solutions. The core technology, SploitGuard, detects and prevents software-based attacks that exploit previously unknown software vulnerabilities.

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    20 new entrepreneurs and startups forming the 2015 venture leaders USA team are on their way to global expansion

    The Swiss National Startup Team ready to conquer the USA

    Mi. 25.03.2015, 14:00

    The winners of the venture leaders USA 2015 prize have been chosen after a highly competitive selection process, among Switzerland’s most promising startups. More than a 100 of them applied. The 20 high-tech startups forming the “Swiss National Startup team” will travel to Boston and New York in June for an intense 10 days entrepreneurial business development trip, organized in partnership with swissnex Boston. With the 15th edition of the program, Swiss innovation continues to demonstrate its potential for global expansion thanks to high-tech products such as a revolutionary device for surgical knee ligament reconstruction, a smart digital insurance manager or a wearable biometrics solution based on vein recognition....Read more

    20 Swiss startups ready to take over the US market
    “I am really happy to be part of the adventure”, says Deepak Tewari, CEO of Privately, one of the 20 winners of the program. He will be able to bring his “right-to-be-forgotten” privacy solutions, allowing private data protection on social networks, on the other side of the Atlantic. The trip includes presentations to investors and industry experts. The 19 other startups launching a large array of high-tech products and services in many domains (i.e. Biotech, Internet, Software, Micro- and Nano- Tech, Electronics, Robotics, Engineering, Fintech) will also represent Swiss made innovation in the US.

    Don’t miss the venture leaders 2015 pitch at the Startup Champions event of April 22nd at EPFL Rolex Center from 2PM to 5PM: Subscribe now! Keynotes: Jurgi Camblong, Sophia GeneticsCEO, and Nicolas Abelé, Lemoptix CTO (recently acquired by Intel).

    Identify and promote Switzerland’s most promising startups
    “Venture leaders identifies and promotes some of the most promising Swiss startups at an international level, one of the key missions of venturelab. This year’s team of talented individual entrepreneurs is a unique display and promotion for the numerous high potential startups created every year in Switzerland. I am very much looking forward to bringing the 15th edition of this incredible program to Boston and New York”, says Jordi Montserrat, Managing Director of venturelab in western Switzerland. Dr. Felix Moesner, CEO of swissnex Boston, adds: “Boston counts one of the highest concentration of brainpower in the world. And New York’s high-tech scene has grown exponentially over the past years, counting a very large network of venture capitalists. Both ecosystems will strongly contribute to the global expansion of this year’s venture leaders“.

    Impact on a global scale
    The venture leaders program is a cornerstone behind the success of numerous Swiss startups over the past 15 years. Many alumni raised several hundred million Swiss francs from investors and created thousands of new jobs. 72 of them are listed among Switzerland’s 2014 TOP 100 Startup Ranking. Above all, they are truly building world-class startups such as Abionic, BioVersys, Covagen, Climeworks, Doodle, GetYourGuide, HouseTrip, L.E.S.S., QualySense, Poken or InSphero.

    Venture leaders USA partners
    This year’s trip and business development program, worth the equivalent of CHF 10’000 per participant, is made possible thanks to the support of our partners EPFL Innovation Park, EPF Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, ETH Zurich and CTI. IMMOMIG, a member of the Swiss National Startup Team in 2007, is also supporting the initiative, setting a valued precedent of former alumni giving back to the Swiss startup community. The long-time partners swissnex Boston and the “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” program have also renewed their support. The program is also supported by Hansjörg Wyss and the Wyss Charitable Endowment.

    The venture leaders USA 2015 at a glance

    Alicia Hegglin, BioRevels AG – Biotech (, Zurich
    BioRevels develops a solution for cheaper diagnostic tests. Thanks to its novel one-time use consumable and the 3 dimensional test procedure, current tests can be performed up to six times faster and with ten times less reagents.

    Betim Shkodra, homePad Solutions SA – Internet (, Fribourg
    homePad develops the first simple and intuitive paperless solution for real estate managers. The digital application allows generating different type of secured reports (i.e. property inspection, house or building reports).

    Chris Millan, CellSpring – Biotech (, Zurich
    CellSpring brings fundamental improvements to cell-based in vitro studies. Its core technology, the “3D Bloom platform”, enables the creation of biomimetic micro tissues in a matter of minutes.

    Christian Brändli, Insightness GmbH – Electronics/Software (, Zurich
    Insightness develops high-speed and low-power vision systems for mobile robotics and smart glasses. Their camera chips and software are suited for motion measurements, as well as mapping and obstacle avoidance.

    Deepak Tewari, Privately Sàrl – Software (, Lausanne
    Privately’s “right-to-be-forgotten” solutions keep user’s content private, secure and removable on social networks. Combining end-user encryption applications (B2C), API and a service-provider platform (B2B), Privately provides an end-to-end solution for protecting users’ private content shared digitally.

    Dennis Just, Knip AG – Fintech (, Zurich
    Knip is the digital insurance navigator that simplifies its users’ life. They can see all their insurance policies at a glance. The application eliminates the insurance hassle for individuals, i.e. by handling all insurances in one application or by providing a detailed description of insurance policies, one-by-one.

    Flurin Müller, BuddyBroker AG (Eqipia) – Internet (, Zurich
    BuddyBroker crafts innovative and intuitive online recruiting products such as Eqipia, an automated and intelligent employee referral tool. The solution allows companies to leverage their employees’ networks in order to find and approach potential applicants.

    Hans-Anton Keserue, rqmicro LLC – Biotech (, Zurich
    rqmicro develops a novel system for the rapid detection of water and food pathogens, consisting of analytical instrumentation and consumable kits that enable the quantification of dangerous microorganisms in less than an hour.

    Lucian Cucu, Rovenso – Robotics (, Lausanne
    Rovenso develops agile, robotized vehicles for nuclear decommissioning and emergency situations.

    Matthias Vanoni, BIOWATCH – Electronics (, Martigny
    BIOWATCH develops a wearable biometric technology as an alternative solution to current authentication methods (PIN, passwords, cards, keys, fingerprint, face), based on vein recognition.

    Miguel Barreto-Sanz, SimplicityBio – Biotech & Bioinformatics (, Monthey
    SimplicityBio helps diagnostic companies minimize risks in the development of diagnostic tests. It also helps pharmaceutical companies design clinical trials by improving patient stratification, enabling discovery of the best responder population.

    Miroslav Caban, Spinal Dynamics – Medtech (, Lausanne
    A medical software providing diagnostic and surgical guidance for patient-specific spinal cord stimulation therapies.

    Pascal Koenig, Ava AG – Medtech (, Zurich
    Ava develops a wearable medical device based on a patented multi-sensor technology, which monitors the menstrual cycle of women in order to precisely indicate fertile days and facilitate family planning. Compared with other methods and tools in the market, Ava’s solution is more convenient and precise.

    Patrick Galliker, Scrona AG – Engineering (, Zurich Scrona develops print heads based on its proprietary “NanoDrip” printing, a groundbreaking ink-jet technology that achieves a printing resolution up to 1000fold finer than the width of a human hair. In combination with commercially available nano printing inks, the system enables complex products, such as displays and touchscreens, to be simply printed in a cost-efficient and flexible manner.

    Pius Kobler, milKit Sport Components AG - Engineering (, Zurich
    milKit is a novel system that allows to measure and refill sealant in tubeless bicycle tires without having to release the air pressure. milKit Sport Components AG provides an easy solution for a flat-free ride.

    Ruben Herrendorff, Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG – Biotech (, Basel
    Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals develops a promising class of drugs for the treatment of autoimmune diseases affecting the nervous system. Their Antibody-Catch® platform and their first drug candidate pave the way for a new treatment paradigm for antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases.

    Sandro Kunz, Pingen GmbH – Internet (, Zurich
    Pingen is a solution to transform an electronic document into a physical letter and have it delivered via the Post automatically and in the most efficient way.

    Simone Bottan, Hylomorph AG – Medtech (, Zurich
    Hylomorph has developed cellulose layers that allow surgeons to minimize foreign body reaction and fibrosis upon operation, thus reducing patient’s pain and revision surgery rates.

    Veronica Savu, Morphotonix Sàrl – Micro-Nano (, Lausanne
    Morphotonix protects brands against counterfeits via integrating additive-free security elements directly in molded products.

    Xiang Li, ZuriMED Technologies – Medtech (, Zurich
    ZuriMED commercializes a revolutionary device for surgical knee ligament reconstruction, the “Bone-Tendon-Bone (BTB) Conversion-Kit™”. The solution effectively converts a less painful hamstring autograft (a patient’s own tissue), or any other flexible graft material, into a higher performance BTB-like graft.

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Gioia Vichis Deutscher is the director of swissnex Brazil. After spending four years as the Haed of Startup and Innovation Services for swissnex San Francisco, Gioia Deutscher is now taking the lead in opening a new swissnex office in Brazil.

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Suzanne Hraba-Renevey is the director of swissnex Singapore. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoree. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation.

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Pascal Marmier is the director of swissnex China. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoree. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation.

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Felix Moesner is the director of swissnex Boston. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoree. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation.

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Chistian Simm is the director of swissnex San Francisco. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoree. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation.

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Balz Strasser is the director of swissnex India. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoree. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation.

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  • 60 venture kickers made it to the TOP 100 startups

    Each year, launches the TOP 100 STARTUP AWARD in cooperation with the Handelszeitung. From over 100,000 young companies, the 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups are picked by top startup experts.

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  • Kick your startup idea to success with venture kick

    venture kick helps potential entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to win up to CHF 130,000. Moreover, startups can use the know-how of experienced experts and entrepreneurs and be granted access to a network of investors.

  • Swiss startups ready to take over the World.

    The venture leaders have a clear-cut goal. They envision themselves as global players and want to take the first step to their global expansion. The ten-day business development program is specifically structured to help them achieve this goal.

  • The first address for Startups in Switzerland

    More than 50.000 startups were accompanied by the IFJ. A little more then 25 years ago, we have made it our mission to guide these entrepreneurs on their way to successful businesses. So they can develop their role as a part of the Swiss economy.